Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future

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Michael Bernard Beckwith

21-Day Guided Practice to Soul Awakening & Inner Fulfillment Audio Program

This 21-day guided audio program jumpstarts you on your journey  and will  usher you into a soul awakening as Michael Beckwith guides your mind and soul to realize your dreams.

Joan Borysenko

Enjoy this interview with Joan Borysenko in “Things That Matter, a video series dedicated to inspiring and opening the heart through stories about the power of the human spirit, kindness, unconditional love, and the exquisite mystery called life.

Steve Farell

In this free 3-part video series to awaken the resting leader in you, evolutionary pioneer Steve Farrell will give you the skills, structure and support you’ll need to navigate your evolution into becoming the most effective conscious leader you can be in every area of your life.

Kurt Johnson

First Four Chapters
Kurt Johnson and David Ord introduce the vision of interspirituality within a synthesis of world religions and spirituality, the discoveries of modern science, and the developmental and evolutionary view of history.

Robert Atkinson

This free eBook by Robert Atkinson provides a holistic context for remembrance as a spiritual practice, how remembrance helps us live in gratitude, and a template for soul-making, with 50 exercises for viewing our life as an eternal journey. 

Duane Elgin

Experience the brilliance of Duane Elgin’s seminal work, AWAKENING EARTH, which explores the human journey from the awakening of hunter-gatherers 45,000 years ago to realizing our initial maturity as a global species-civilization.

Lori Leyden

We are all heart-wired to become Conscious Evolutionary Heart Leaders. Birthing a new world and new ways of experiencing our Divine humanness require that we commit to taking responsibility for healing and leading ourselves first. This guide to activating Heart Presencing, Experiencing Our Divinity in 5 Stages: A Map for Emerging Evolutionary Heart Leaders, is from the forthcoming book, Outrageous Grace: Healing Ourselves, Our Children and Our World, by Lori Leyden, Developer of The Grace Process™.

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