I Choose/We Choose Campaign

Our choices have the power to make a difference.

Please join this special campaign by the Source of Synergy Foundation with members of its Evolutionary Leaders Circle to help spread kindness, peace, and unity by sharing what you choose during this Moment of Choice.

What choice will you make?

How to Join Our Moment of Choice

Step 1

Grab a sheet of paper and a marker.

Step 2

Write down a choice you or a group of you (family, couple, coworkers, etc.) plan to implement in your own life, home, community, school, workplace, or in the world today. 

Please know that every choice matters, and when all of our choices join together, they will grow exponentially and create great hope for our future.


I choose to be a changemaker and inspire others.

We choose to heal through compassion, accountability, and forgiveness.

I choose to connect with indigenous teachings and wisdoms.

We choose to participate in the conscious evolution.

I choose peace.

We choose love.

I choose . . .

We choose . . .

Step 3

Hold up your choice and take a photo and/or a video.

Step 4

Post your photo and/or video to Facebook and/or Instagram 

You are welcome to put your Facebook photo in the Our Moment of Choice frame.


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Step 5

Tag @ourmomentofchoice and use the hashtag #ourmomentofchoice.

Step 6

Please share this campaign with your family and friends.

Now, watch as your choice spreads and helps to create a world that works for all!

Check out how today’s Evolutionary Leaders are making proactive choices in their own communities!  

Our Moment of Choice

Humanity is currently facing a series of interconnected crises that threaten our very survival, including climate change, global economic inequality, and increasing social tensions. At the same time, a global shift in consciousness is unfolding that is harnessing our collective power to consciously choose a flourishing, life-affirming future.

Our Moment of Choice features brilliant chapters by forty-two Evolutionary Leaders, including Deepak Chopra™, Lynne McTaggart, Gregg Braden, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Bruce Lipton, Jean Houston, Ervin Laszlo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Larry Dossey, Elisabet Sahtouris, and many more. These leading-edge thinkers reflect upon and offer creative solutions to the challenges facing humanity, providing their own visions for how we can ensure a successful completion to the transformation of consciousness already underway.

This forward-thinking compilation calls on each of us to be the cocreators of a just, unified, peaceful, and thriving world. The time has come for all humanity to be united in pur­pose. This is our call to action. This is our collective moment of choice, upon which our future depends.


The 43 contributors of Our Moment of Choice: Evolutionary Visions and Hope for the Future are members of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation.

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