Nina Meyerhof

Nina Meyerhof, EdD

Nina Lynn Meyerhof, Ed.D., President and Founder of Children of the Earth, has made a life of advocating for children and youth. The co-author of Conscious Education: The Bridge to Freedom, she is recognized as an innovative educator committed to global responsibility through authentic learning. Nina has received many awards for her work from The Mother Theresa Award to the Citizens Department of Peace Award to The International Educators Award for Peace as well as the State of Vermont passed a Resolution honouring her for her life’s work in PEACE.

Nina advocates for young people to go beyond cultural, ethnic and religious differences and strive for altruistic ethics. She moves around the world assembling adults and young people to focus on the potentials of bringing ethical living skills into world consciousness. Her focus is on the realization that peace must come from recognizing our interwoven unity. Nina founded and coordinates Children of the Earth which houses approximately 30 YOUTH Hubs and Chapters such as in Thailand, Nepal, Romania, Canada, Ghana, Togo, Switzerland and more.

Projects are carried out in the pursuit of building a world of unity with the awareness that peace can only begin from inner understanding that we are a global family. Some examples include helping to establish the first Children’s Peace Center in Ghana, fostering the building of schools in Nepal, teaching the making of bead bracelets for refugee children to sell in the US, to a youth group’s work on the Niger Delta, to the Teddy Bear project bringing hundreds of bears to war torn areas.

Nina is now focused on her opus work to  unite all the pieces of her lifetime of service, with  inviting those with similar vision, in establishing a “City of Hope – One Humanity Institute” adjacent to Auschwitz to illustrate Hate to Hope and establish I to We to One. 

Nina is a totally passionate committed world peacemaker and world server.

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