Eve Konstantine, MPH

A lifelong pioneer and an innovator, Eve lives her life on the cutting edge of change. As early as the 1980’s she decided that her life’s work and livelihood must converge with he spiritual development in service of the Whole. Finding her spiritual teacher, Swami Veda Bharati, in 1969, Eve immersed herself in study, and in 1973 was sent out to hospitals, businesses, schools, organizations, etc. as one of the first teachers of yoga science and philosophy in the American midwest.

Holding a Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH), Eve is also certified in various complementary healing modalities. She helped develop the first college-level Complimentary Healing Certification Program in the entire midwest and initiated and co-founded The Healers’ Guild of Cincinnati. She was the interpreter of the “Continuum Exhibit,” an early initiative of the IONS, helped found the Minnesota Waldorf School, participated in one of the first Executive Visioning companies in the country, directed a ground- breaking state-wide project on behalf of women in Minnesota, and served on numerous boards addressing everything from AIDS to hospice work to coaching to the arts. During her 19 years in Washington DC within the International Financial Institutions community, she served as the Executive Chairperson of the International Monetary Fund’s Family Association, volunteered at the White House and cooperated on many educational and humanitarian projects. She is now on the Board of the Source of Synergy Foundation where she recently served as chairperson. Eve is a member of the LinkMedia Core Team and has worked in cooperation with the Kosmos Journal and The World Business Academy.

A graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program, Eve has spent the past 14 years coaching executives on Wall Street, the UN, National Institutes of Health, World Bank Group, NSA, multi-national corporations, etc., as a leverage point for empowering personal and social transformation.

Most importantly, she is the proud mother of two wonderful adults living in Los Angeles, and patiently awaits their visits to her new home in the Italian Alps.

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